Want To Make Money Online? Here Are Some Key Concepts You Must Consider First

So how can you build your dream lifestyle using the internet?

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your day job and making money by sitting at home all day with nothing more than your laptop, internet connection and a bunch of great ideas?

Well for many people that dream has become a reality, as more and more people are realising that they too can become part of the online entrepreneur movement. By utilising the power of the internet from the confines of your own home, you can build a successful career in a wide variety of online niches.

Over the last 20 years, the internet has changed the way we live our lives. Everything from retail shopping to chatting with our friends has been forever improved in ways we couldn’t even have imagined at the dawn of the World Wide Web. As bandwidth has improved we’ve been given instant access to streaming music, and video that can be edited on the opposite side of the planet and downloaded onto our computers within an hour. We can research any topic imaginable and have access to services that would otherwise be out of reach due to geography.

The internet has given you more ways to make money than you ever thought possible


The freedom allowed by the internet has also given those people with technological savvy and entrepreneurial spirit the tools to make a very profitable income, free from the restrictions of a 9 to 5 job and a demanding boss. The money-making possibilities are limitless if you open yourself up to the notion that the world is now a much smaller place and we’re all connected together by endless cables of copper and fibre.

For all you budding Mark Zuckerbergs out there, there are a few important considerations that you should bear in mind as you start your new online money-making journey. Here at FinanceFanatics we’re pleased to offer you some ideas that will hopefully guide you in the right directions.

Top Tips for making money online

  1. Offer something new and exciting

Every great vision starts small. If you really want to make money online, you’ve got to start from somewhere, and that includes forming the very first tiny spark of an idea. From this idea, the roots of the business will hopefully grow and blossom into the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Laptop- check. Internet- check. Coffee- check. You’re good to go!

The reality is though, that you’ll be contending with many other online entrepreneurs all looking to make their way in the world of the internet. Therefore you need to really concentrate on coming up with either a unique product or an old product done in a new way. You can have the greatest business plan in the world, but if the underlying idea is already being done a million times over, you’ll be doomed to failure.

  1. Get your knowledge out onto the information superhighway

Information is very powerful. If you really want to succeed in doing business on the internet, you need to know your niche inside out, back to front, and all sides in-between. You may think you’re already very knowledgeable, but you have to be able to transition that information from sitting inside your head into working for you through the internet.

Ironically, one of the best places to learn about using the internet for any niche is the internet itself. There are untold pages of information out there waiting for you to read them, and all you have to do is enter a few search terms in Google. There has never been a better time to learn how to show the world what you know.

  1. Understand what your customers need

You must be ready to offer something to your customers that they either can’t get from anywhere else or is already available but is improved by your service. You have several options here. You can either offer an available product or service that’s been repackaged into your own unique brand, or you can create something yourself from scratch.

Both methods have their pros and cons; For instance, reselling somebody else’s product cuts down on the time required to create something new yourself, but you lose the design freedom to make the product exactly how you want it. Whereas creating the product yourself takes a lot of time, but you can modify it in any way you please.

You will only know the best way to proceed with your online business once you’ve identified who your target market is, and if there are already products or services available that will satisfy their needs. If not, then it’s time to get your thinking cap on and start designing.

  1. Find the online platform that best suits your new business

You have several options when trying to find the right platform to engage with your customers and clients when doing business on the internet. You can create your own platform if you have the time, and build a vibrant e-commerce website using any of the free and paid tools that are available. Quite often when you register a domain name the hosting company will also offer a free website builder to help you get your business off to a racing start.

Another option is to create a blog for your business and use it as a tool to engage with your customers on a personal level, whilst providing advertising space for the services that you’re offering. Whichever route you decide to go down, always remember the maxim ‘content is king’. The layout, presentation and quality of the sales platform have to be of the highest quality or else your potential customers will look elsewhere.

  1. Work hard

Ok, so this one sounds obvious, but you really have to work hard if you want to actually make money through the internet. Too many people create a new website and just sit back, waiting for the money to start rolling in. The reality is that building an online business takes a lot of time and commitment before you can expect to see any meaningful returns.

Think of your online business in the same way that people run a traditional bricks and mortar shop. You will have to promote your business by advertising regularly, perform market research to identify new sales avenues and set strict work schedules to release new products. You’ll also probably have to work as many hours, if not more, than they guy next door doing his 9 to 5 job. This is the reality of online entrepreneurship. But like any business owner, if you nurture the business and constantly refine it then the chances of you making it a success will be dramatically improved.

I hope this article has given you some thoughts about what it takes to start making a living from the internet, and maybe you’ll think hard about the options that are available to you. Let us know in the comments section below how you started your own online business, and what tips you’d give others who are just starting out.


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