Rail Fare Discount Tips

Money saving tips to help you make the most of rail fares

With British train tickets among the most expensive in Europe, it’s always handy to get a little extra advice when it comes to buying your rail fare. Take note of the 4 tips below to boost your spending power.

1. Railcards

Railcards save you 33% on train tickets, and you can sometimes get a discount on buying railcards (RRP is £30). You can also use Tesco Clubcard Points to purchase Railcards to save even more. Remember that you MUST travel with your railcard.

2. Split Tickets

On most journeys, it is may be possible to split your ticket to save money. For example, a single from A to B may cost £50, but a single from A to C (a calling point en-route to B) may be £10 and a single from C to B may be £15 meaning the total journey costs £25. Remember that the train MUST stop at the station you split the ticket at.

3. Advance Tickets

Sometimes, it is cheaper to buy 2 singles instead of a return or to book an Advance ticket rather than buy on the day. On most TOC’s search engine, you can usually search for all routes for a specific journey (which shows slower routes). This sometimes brings up cheaper tickets, as well as a wider variety of advance tickets available.

Most Advance tickets go on sale 12 weeks before the date of travel, though some TOC’s are 24 weeks.

Some websites charge a fee, though TOC’s are not allowed to do this. It’s best to weigh up the pros and cons of booking from a particular site.

4. Special Offers

Sometimes, TOC’ss and official ticket sellers (like TheTrainLine and RedSpottedHanky) run promotional offers, and it is always worth looking for these when booking train tickets as they may allow you to save more money. Try and see which promotional offer will save you the most money.


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