How to Make Money From Craigslist

Craigslist has become very popular, and people are always looking for ways through which they can make money from it. The truth is that it’s very possible to make a living on Craigslist, but only once you have picked up on certain strategies. More and more people are using different ways to make money online, and Craigslist is very definitely one of the methods that can get you where you want to be.

Strategic Buying

This is very simple if you are looking for a way to make real money online. You simply need to find an item on a good deal and sell it for more than you paid for it. Although it takes some time to gain the experience to know which items make the most profit, careful research can provide impressive results. For instance, you can buy an air conditioner during the winter when the prices are likely to be lower, only to repost it for a higher amount during the summer months when it’s most needed. Or you can keep an eye open for fitness equipment that’s going unused in summer, and then re-sell it again the following Christmas when people have made their resolutions to burn off some excess weight.

Offer Delivery Services

This can include transportation services for both your items and items that have been listed by other Craigslist users. Because most people are time tied, they will often want to have items delivered to their homes even if there’s a fee. This is especially the case for those full-time workers who just can’t afford to leave work to drive miles to fetch items during office hours. By delivering the item for a fee, you will be making easy money for the convenience of the buyer. Some customers will also require delivery services if they are not in a position to take items to their desired locations themselves, for instance, anyone who cannot drive. They will, therefore, find it easier to pay for delivery services to save them the hassle of organising public transport.

Restore Items and Make Money

This is another very effective and straightforward way you can use to make money on Craigslist if you have some repair skills, especially in electronics and mechanics. You can look for items that people are throwing away or getting rid off at low prices as a result of a malfunction. You can then fix the items to good working condition before selling them on again at a much higher price. You can fix broken furniture, bikes, cars and even household appliances to add value to them before selling them on for a profit. If you’re so inclined, you might even find the whole process of taking a broken item and repairing it for re-use to be incredibly rewarding. Not only are you making some extra money, but you’re also helping the environment by recycling and reusing something that would otherwise be scrapped.

By choosing to think outside the box a little, you can enjoy endless opportunities for making money on Craigslist. You can try working on products and services that have too many issues around them for other people to take advantage of, and turn them into something of value that people are willing to pay for. When you choose a path that few people think of or are interested in, you will significantly increase your chances of making a profit.


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