About Me

Hello and welcome to the website! I’m Craig, a part-time engineer, and a full-time private investor. I learned how to build my investment portfolio through years of research and study until I finally it got to the level where I can now finally feel financially secure. I figure I’ve got a fair bit of knowledge that other people might find useful, so I created Finance Fanatics with the sole intention of helping others to build their wealth and become financially independent like me.

I started on my own journey to financial independence many years ago after becoming disillusioned with a life of consumption and having no route plan for my financial future. It wasn’t until I’d started reading countless books on investing and learning how the successful live their lives that I realised I’d been doing it wrong for all those years!

I believe that in order to become wealthy we must have both determination and an overwhelming desire to better ourselves. In my opinion having the very best education or coming from a wealthy background doesn’t necessarily determine the life you’ll end up living. I believe it’s down to the individual to make the most of what they’ve been given, and anyone can achieve success if they really want to.

I hope you enjoy reading Finance Fanatics as much as I enjoy writing it, but if you have any comments or suggestions then please get in touch at mail@financefanatics.com