The FinanceFanatics Portfolio Update March 2017

There have been some big changes to the portfolio this month. Not only has exposure to the UK been reduced with the removal of JP Morgan Mid Cap Investment Trust, but some extra defence against stock market swings has been introduced.

It’s Always A Good Idea To Diversify

It’s been a long time coming but a commodity is now part of the portfolio in the form of the PHGP physical gold ETF. This should provide some relief against the potential volatility I’m expecting in the markets once the fallout from Trump and Brexit starts to materialise. Backing up PHGP is an allotment of UK corporate bonds in the form of the Ishares large-cap corporate bond ETF, SLXX. Not only does this ETF give a reasonable dividend it gives the portfolio some extra diversification, and if there’s one thing I love in a portfolio, it’s diversification!

Fingers crossed the mixture of precious metal, bonds, small, mid and large-cap funds and geographic diversification will be enough to weather all storms. Check back over the next few weeks to see how we’re getting on.

Top holdings

  Stock name % Sector
1 Witan Investment Co. 12.0 Investment Trust
2 RIT Capital Partners 11.7 Investment Trust
3 F&C Global Smaller Companies 11.4 Investment Trust
4 Finsbury Growth & Income Trust 11.2 Investment Trust
5 City of London Investment Trust 11.1 Investment Trust
6 Personal Assets Trust 9.6 Investment Trust
7 iShares Core £ Corporate Bond UCITS ETF 9.5 ETF – Corporate Bonds
8 Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust 4.0 Investment Trust
9 ETFS ETFS Physical Gold [LSE] 3.7 ETF – Hard Commodities
10 Murray International Trust 3.5 Investment Trust
11 Henderson Smaller Companies Investment Trust 3.5 Investment Trust
12 Woodford Patient Capital Trust 3.5 Investment Trust
13 Bankers Investment Trust 3.2 Investment Trust
14 Hansteen Holdings 2.1 Real Estate Investment Trust
15 Cash 0.1 [N/A]


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