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Passive Income Courtesy of Google

Do you have a website or a blog which is your passion? And do you want to find a way to make that passion generate passive income for you? If so then you should have Google AdSense on your site. This is one of those online money-generating systems that you can set up and forget about, and earn passive income 24 hours a day. All you need to do is establish strong website traffic and you are on your way to making passive money online, without doing any further work at all!

AdSense is a system provided by Google which converts clicks on adverts into cash in your pocket. The suppliers of countless services or products will enlist in the AdSense scheme and agree to pay Google a fee for generating traffic to their sales page. Google will then use your website as the medium through which these advertisement clicks are generated.

Once you have set it up, you pretty much just have to deal with your blog and website as normal and wait for reader clicks to turn into cash. It requires some strategy and a lot of patience though, and AdSense is something that will not give you thousands of Pounds instantly, but it can come in handy as an additional income revenue stream.

Setting up AdSense for your site

If you already have a site, make sure to set up a free account at Google AdSense, and enter details about your website and the niche that the site fulfills. Google will then provide you with code that you can copy and paste into your site in the most advantageous area. This code will enable Google to generate contextual ads for your site, which will then appear wherever you have chosen to place them.

Due to some very clever coding and analysis systems over at Google HQ, the contextual adverts are automatically based on the relevant topics detailed in your blog or website. If you talk more about cosmetics, you will find that your ads will be most likely be based on cosmetics. If you talk about gadgets, the same thing happens. On top of that, the ads will also be relevant based on location. If the reader is in the US, then the ads will be based on products and services in the US. The same goes for Australian and UK readers.

Now, whenever they click on the ads that you have included on the page, you will receive a few pennies in your account which will be paid out once the funds have reached a limit set by Google. So what you need to do is position your ads on the best location possible where your readers will be most likely to make that all-important click. It is generally recommended to insert ads at the beginning and end of your posts so that your readers will be excited about the content that they have just read, and will have direct links to the suggested products that have been presented before them.

Traffic is the key

Next, expand your traffic, which is arguably the most difficult task that you have to do when using Google AdSense successfully. Let us say that for every 100 people that read your blog post, only 10 actually go ahead and click on your ads. You would possibly be looking at only one or two people actually going ahead making a purchase. If you are only getting ten people clicking on your ads you will not be making enough money to even pay your daily hosting fees. However, if you can expand your readership for that same post to 5000 people, the number of clicks could potentially be around 500, which can then start generating meaningful sums of money. These are general figures to be used as an illustration, but the fact of the matter is that the more people who are reading or accessing your blog, then the more chances that they will be clicking on ads. So place the ads within the content, before or after it, and everywhere else you think you might generate those all important clicks. Just be aware that if you saturate your blog with countless AdSense ads, it will come across as being overtly ‘spammy’, and you will eventually drive readers away.

The problem with AdSense is that if you stuff your site with ads not only does it becomes annoying for the reader, it takes more time to load and it makes your site look amateurish. A few ads laid out tactfully across your blog are usually enough, and if you have a little knowledge of coding you can edit the look of your ads and customize the colors to fit your color scheme.

Be aware though that you have no control over which advertisements are placed on your site as they are controlled by the Google algorithms, so if you do not like the product that Google is placing on your site, then tough luck! However, the fact that you can generate passive income without hardly any effort on your part surely outweighs any negatives with the system.

Although this is simple to use advice, remember that when using adverts it is all about the execution and the perceived value that you are bringing to your readers. So prioritise on making the content in your site first class before including any AdSense ads.


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