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Get paid to answer questions

Do you have a full-time domestic home life? Alternatively, are you tending to your kids and trying to keep your home in order whilst also holding a part-time job? If so, then you might want to start thinking about easy and simple ways to make a little extra income online. Luckily for you, the internet has become a massive money-making machine that really captures a wide range of services and options. One of the many possibilities you can take advantage of is providing customer analysis to companies that are more than willing to reward you with payments for simply answering a few questions.

‘But how does that happen?’ you may well ask. Well, there are many websites that offer paid surveys online, most of which are either geographical or industry specific. For example, some of these services are focused on North America, whilst others are predominantly interested in customer information from Europe. Some companies want information and opinions on products related to the food industry, whilst others might be seeking data about public transportation use. If you live in an area where the company operates, and you have experience of using their products or services, you can make money by providing these companies with your knowledge and experiences.

Here’s how you do it

So, what does submitting online surveys entail? Well, it is actually a relatively simple process. You answer surveys of varying lengths, which can be anything from a simple 5 minute survey to a comprehensive hour-long questionnaire, and the company issuing the questions will pay you for your time and effort. The general rule of thumb is the longer the survey, the higher the pay is, so by doing several long surveys every day, you can soon make a significant contribution towards your home-based income.

There are specific survey websites that are freely available online if you perform a quick Google search, and some large companies have links to questionnaires on their own website pages. Be aware though, that whilst most of the specialist survey websites will reward you with real monetary payments, most individual companies will instead offer you discount coupons or codes for their products. However, if you intend to buy those products anyway, filling in surveys directly on their website can be an easy way to make some savings.

You might also be wondering how you will know that the surveys being requested are the right ones for you, but rest assured, these survey websites will ascertain your shopper profile before you begin filling in any forms. The site will normally start getting your information profile by asking you information about your household size, your gender, work, age, location and many other private criteria including your income and religion, so be prepared to answer some personal questions. They will even ask you if you own your house, what vehicle you drive, how many pets you have and what your current relationship status is. The reason for this is they are trying to determine how certain products can be best marketed to certain population demographics, and this can only be achieved by undertaking a complex analysis of your shopping habits with regard to the category that you fill in society. Once you have completed your profile, all of your interests and other data will then be input into a secure database to create a profile that will be used to send you corresponding surveys.

Finally, after you have been registered onto the survey database, you will be sent questionnaires at irregular intervals as and when each company requests marketing data. The survey will consist of your profile (usually listed as a code which the issuing company will relate the data to), followed by a series of questions in either a yes/no format, or a question which requires a written response. Note though, that the survey will often have some stipulations regarding the answers that are requested, such as a certain date that the survey must be completed by, and specific questions that cannot be left unanswered.

All you then have to do is answer the questions as per the terms and conditions, and return the survey form to the issuer. Payment will either be released to your account immediately upon returning the form, or you will have to build up payments to a specific level before the funds are released. And that is it! I think it must be universally acknowledged that answering online surveys is without doubt the easiest online money-making business you can take part in.

Beware of scammers

However, although making money online via surveys may seem like an ideal side-hustle, there are many scammers out there, and you need to be aware that you are potentially exposing yourself to unknown parties getting hold of your personal information. You can combat this possibility by doing some research on the survey company before signing up, and reviewing testimonials and reviews from other survey participants, which should be made freely available if the company is trustworthy. You definitely do not want unscrupulous people to be using your data for spamming or for selling your personal information to countless mailing lists. It is absolutely necessary that you perform the correct due-diligence to determine the survey company is genuine and reputable so that your personal data is not used maliciously.

Answering surveys is just one of the great ways where you can earn some extra money using the internet without exerting much effort at all. However, bear in mind that although the extra income will be useful, you are unlikely to be able to make a full-time career from this money-making business as the amount of income you can receive is limited. Instead, it is better to regard it as an extra boost to the rest of your online endeavours, and something that is both fun and easy that you can do in your spare time.


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