‘Mistakes, I’ve Made A Few…’

How I made early mistakes with the site

After quite possibly the most frustrating day I’ve ever had sat in front of a computer I can now proudly sit back and look at this site, born again with a new name and a lick of fresh virtual paint. When I first decided to make a website about the world of money I just went ahead with buying a domain and signing up to a host. But it wasn’t until I’d actually created the blog and started writing content for it that I realised I should have done things differently at the start.

Blogging and stress sometimes go hand in hand


Lesson 1: Only read impartial reviews

For instance, the host- Ipage, had some good reviews on the net, but it wasn’t until I’d started looking further into those reviews that I realised all the good ones were from people who had affiliate links to them. That means they can’t really be impartial because they’re hoping you’ll click the link on their website and earn some commission.

The most annoying thing I found with Ipage is they have a limitation on bandwidth whereby if you’ve made a lot of updates to your site they can block you out for an hour until the traffic level reduces. Not good when you’re just starting out and trying to make a hundred changes to your blog. After doing some further research on impartial review sites I finally settled for Siteground as my new host and I have to say I’m very happy with them. Their technical support has been absolutely fantastic and my blog is much faster to load now. They’re a bit more expensive than Ipage but then it’s true to say that you get what you pay for.

Lesson 2: Listen to the advice of others

The second mistake I made when I created my original blog was that I picked a crappy domain name. I spent an age trying to think what summed up my journey to financial freedom and how the website would revolve around money, so I settled on the name MoneyMaker. It’s a decent name but I hadn’t considered that I wouldn’t be able to get a good top-level domain for it (the bit after the ‘.’). So having decided it absolutely had to be ‘MoneyMaker’ I signed up to a domain provider and started looking at what I could purchase. Then I found the problem.

“Wait, what? .com is gone, .co.uk is gone, .uk is gone, . net and .org are gone. There’s .global available. That’ll do!”

Except it didn’t do. Not at all. Literally every person I later spoke to said they’d never heard of the .global domain and they wouldn’t trust a website that wasn’t at least .com or .co.uk.

“But they’re not available” I said. “Don’t care” they said.

The whole issue of lack of trust was a deal-breaker for me because my intention from the start is to build trust with the people reading the blog. After having a re-think with my other half over a pint in the local pub, she suggested FinanceFanatics as a name to describe both the topic that the website will cover and my passion for the subject. And even better the .com domain was available. Winner!

New theme too

The final touch to updating my blog was to switch from the free version of the theme I use (colormag by Themegrill), to the pro version. I’d actually intended to only buy a single pro theme, but Themegrill have an offer on buying all their pro themes in one go. I’ve been thinking about setting up a second website anyway, so additional themes will give both websites an individual look and feel. Although the layout for financefanatics.com still needs a little work it’s much better than it was originally and I’m happy to show it to friends and family, which is at least a start.

So I now have a layout, host and domain name that I’m happy with. Now all I have to do is write some killer content for it…



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